Album Review: Marilyn Manson “The Pale Emperor”

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Album ReviewArtist: Marilyn Manson
Album: The Pale Emperor
Release: 1/20/15
By: Jason Gillis
Hailing from South Florida Marilyn Manson has been widely known for their controversial lyrics and stage performances. They’re the kind of band that if you don’t love em you hate em. To be honest I wasn’t always a big fan of theirs, but this new album has elements of classic Marilyn Manson with a newer feel and it came out great.
The opening track “Killing Strangers” sets the mood for the album with its slow, steady rhythm. Midway through the album is one of my favorites, “Warship My Wreck”, which starts soft and gets a bit heavier towards the end, keeping the steady bass throughout. A couple of the songs on this album have a bit more of an upbeat feel to them, which sets it up for a great slow finish with “Odds of Even”. The song, like many others on the album, has a softer start and ends with a heavy feel that really strikes a chord and makes you feel the music.
This album features a deep, mellow, bluesy feel throughout each song, which creates a great flow for the entire album. The album still has a sort of dark feel to it like classic Manson, but the added blues tone in the songs modernizes it in a way that really catches you as a listener. Even if you aren’t too big on Marilyn Manson this album sounds awesome and I recommend it to anyone who digs some great rhythmic blues type music.

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