Album Review: Like Pacific “Self Titled”

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Album Review Pacific Artist: Like Pacific
Album: Like Pacific
Release: 1/20/2015
By: Andi Cantrell
Although they’ve been around since 2009 and will release their physical self-titled EP on March 24, 2015 via Pure Noise records, Toronto band Like Pacific have entered the alternative scene with a dramatic punch. The five track record comes off as quite experimental in form and definitely has its highlights, despite the little material they’ve released.
While the songs themselves are full of energetic, yet melodic guitar that one could expect to find in mid 2000s pop-punk record, singer Jordan Black makes it clear that this is not your little sister’s band. The vocals are harsh and extremely punk based, but incredibly passionate, and most interestingly, the songs themselves do not follow a stereotypical formula; do not expect to find the pattern of “verse-chorus-verse” here. Tracks such as “105 McCaul St.” and “Sigh of Relief” define what it means to be atypical in the music scene: these songs have no chorus.
The album opens up with “Suffering”, a quick and (not overly) angsty tune that sets the mood for the rest of the album. Around two minutes or so, the pace slows down before the song completely fades out and “Eviction” begins, which eventually bleeds into the rest of the album.
Although the EP as a whole is an interesting development, without giving the songs a second listen, its difficult to place them apart from each other; sometimes the instrumental sounds too much alike. But while the whole EP clocks in at just over thirteen minutes, rejecting musical standards and equipped with lines like, “Living off late night arguments and bad intent / But I can’t complain, I didn’t pay a cent,” who can’t see the potential in these guys?
If you’re fans of music akin to The Story So Far, or you’re just tired of the commonplace song formula and want something new, I say check them out. The album isn’t bad for a first release, and its hard to be disappointed with their creativity.

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