Album Review Killswitch Engage Incarnate

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Artist: Killswitch Engage
Album: Incarnate
Released: 3/11/16
By: Jason Gillis

Well they’re back at it again! Jesse Leach, Adam Dutkiewicz and company put out, yet again, another killer album. As long as these guys have been around they still never miss a beat. Heavy, fast, strong; it’s everything a KSE fan loves about them, just beefed up.

The album opens with their single “Alone I Stand”, which begins with a slow intro, building up to a hard hitting kick start, with a melodic chorus smoothing things out. One of my favorites on the album is “Strength of the Mind”, which starts with a neat guitar riff going into a heavy, rhythmic verse, then goes to a slower, catchy chorus tune. “Quiet Distress” is a great song that starts with a beautiful, soft acoustic guitar, quietly leading into a fast paced, heavy verse structure. Ending the regular album with “Ascension” starts much like the beginning of the album, with a slow intro building up to a heavier, faster tempo throughout.

Honestly I could probably write something about every song on this album, that’s how good it all is. This album really showcases the incredible range and diversity of vocals and instruments alike. Every song has something different. These guys continue to prove how talented they are and how geniously and tirelessly they work. These guys are all insanely good and this album is nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend you get it if you haven’t already!


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