Album Review: Jarrod Alonge “Beating a Dead Horse”

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Southeast Pit Report Album Review of Jarrod Alonge Beating A Dead HorseArtist: Jarrod Alonge
Album: Beating a Dead Horse
By: Trenton Worsham

“Beating A Dead Horse” released by Youtuber/Comedian Jarrod Alonge has been highly anticipated since the project was announced and an indiegogo was set up for it. When people hear satirical music mostly they think of rewritten lyrics over the original lyrics, this is not the case. So what is he making fun of? Every cliche across the underground music scene, ranging from metalcore, djent, pop punk, hardcore, crunkcore and the list goes on. When one listens to track one “The Swimmer”, one can’t help but laugh because if you DO NOT listen to this type of music, it can be taken seriously. That’s the catch.
Honestly, this album could be put into album of year nominations just because the music is just as good if not BETTER than the genres and bands it’s paryoding, plus Mattie Montgomery’s build up feature in “Misogyneric” is pure metalcore gold. Speaking of that track, this albums not only jokes on genre cliches and lyrics, but actually having truth deep in the lyrics. This track talks about a guy saying because he’s a nice guy a girl should date him, for that one reason. This trend seems to be true as many guys have this thinking that girls should go for them just based of off being a nice dude, and the song “Save My Life” plays on the dangerous attitude of claiming another flawed human being can save another’s life or that they need so much attention they will tell that to any band via social media or meet and greets, having lyrics such as “I’m your only salvation”. All I can say on this is well played Jarrod, well played.
Finally, aside from lyrics and vocal tracks for the Canadian Softball and Swagchode songs, other musicians took part in recording music and vocals.
They include:
Johnny Franck- Producer/Former Attack Attack! singer/guitarist
Michael Martenson(ATGD)- Vocalist of Boys of Fall
Varrick of Insomniac (SSK)
David of nanashi (Chewed Up)
Jared Dines (VV)-Youtuber
Special thanks to Joey Sturgis, Drewsif Stalin’s Musical Endeavors, The Captain Crunch Kids, Mike Semesky, Dave Days, Steve Terreberry ‘Stevie T’, Ben Drake, Cody Carson, Mattie Montgomery and Joseph Mitra
This record based off musicianship, talent and the fact it’s MULTIPLE styles at the same time, written by one guy, i’ll toss this a 8/10. The lack of heartfelt meaningful lyrics ruined a 10/10, blame it on $wagch0de 😉

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