Album Review: It’s All Acoustic Compilation

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Album Review It's All Acoustic  Album: It’s All Acoustic
Release: 1/29/16
By: Nakita Barakadyn

       This reviewer is a documented fan of both acoustic and compilation albums, and relatively young label Revival Recordings kicks off the new year with a fantastic specimen of both genres. The new release showcases the span of their signed talent with a broad range of sounds that any lover of modern rock can enjoy. The featured artists offer something for everybody, from those nostalgic for the post hardcore stylings of the turn of the century to a lighter sweeter pop-metal for when you’re feeling something with a bit less edge.
       In an intelligent move, the songs chosen for this album are a satisfying mix of fan favorites (including an ancient offering from the now defunct The Legitimate Excuse, precursor to Alesana who contributes two tracks) and as-yet unreleased material, providing a peek into the directions some of these bands are taking.
     The songs themselves switch it up between recognizable unplugged versions of what you’d hear on their albums and re-imaginings you’d be hard pressed to recognize from the artists’ catalogs. Standout tracks include scream-filled Hiatus (sounding nothing like Dancing Alone, also by artist Alesana, and indicating just how versatile the bands signed to Revival Recordings can be), and piano-heavy Winona by creative power-house Megosh giving the listener something melodic and emotion-driven to contrast the heavier stylings of some of the other selections on the album.
        Overall, It’s All Acoustic was a delight to experience and I, for one, am very optimistic about both the future of the record label and the coming material from the bands involved with the release.

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