Album Review: Falling in Reverse “Just Like You”

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Southeast Pit Report Album Review Falling In Reverse Just Like You Artist: Falling in Reverse
Album: “Just like You”
Released: 2/20/15
By: Andi Cantrell
Arriving with their third studio album, Just Like You, from Epitaph Records, Falling in Reverse falls radically short. Personally, I had come into this blind; the last time I’d heard Ronnie Radke was in Escape the Fate before his prison sentence, and I expected…well, more. I assumed the lyrics would be more more mature, the music to fit together more properly, and really just for Falling in Reverse to be Falling in Reverse. However, it’s hard to come into this album thinking that Escape the Fate and Falling in Reverse are two separate entities when Just Like You features a song called, “Guillotine IV”, a direct reference to the past Escape the Fate songs.
As a whole, the album is a disorganized globular of songs that flings itself from metalcore to nu-metal to pop-punk and back again. The first song, “Chemical Prisoner”, fuels a listener up with metalcore elements and uses quick lyrics and fast guitars. After all, who can’t appreciate the opening phrase, “I walk a fine line between coping and insanity”? However, the musicianship isn’t totally great. A random guitar solo interrupts somewhere around two minutes, and while guitar solos aren’t a bad thing, it should be taken into consideration if solos accent a song, or just obnoxiously break it apart. The album continues into songs such as “Sexy Drugs” and “Just Like You” (which do not at all seem to have anything in common with the rest of the album apart from the vocalist and the light electronic elements), but then, “Guillotine IV” appears, and the listener is left thinking, What just happened? Despite the last four tracks having no unclean vocals, this song suddenly begins with dramatic screaming that was not alluded to prior. The rest of the album abruptly picks up this theme and runs with it for the rest of the seven tracks.
On a last point, Just Like You is definitely lacking in the originality and maturity department. Although they’ve already used what should’ve been an Escape the Fate song title, they also use the opening line, “Calling all cars” in the track “Wait and See” (maybe Radke never heard of Senses Fail? I think not), and the exchange of drums and guitar in “Sexy Drugs” is extremely reminiscent of George Thorogood’s “Bad to the Bone”.
Overall, the album is just bad. There are too many abrupt guitar solos, too much plagiarism, and not enough deep lyrics. I think anyone who contemplates buying this album should honestly consider the question of, How much does one expect to be impressed from a singer who refers to himself as a boy and constantly drops the phrase “OMG”?

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