Album Review: Bullet For My Valentine “Venom”

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07ee12_dc0911731da04e83a168fd448a3365a6 Artist: Bullet For My Valentine
Album: Venom
Released: 8/14/15
By: Jason Gillis
       Bullet For My Valentine is back with another heavy hitting album, ‘Venom’. BFMV fans, this is one to definitely get. It has all the classic sounds that you’ve known, but invites some new elements as they focused on more clean vocals then usual. Every song on this album fits perfectly together and has been excellently written and produced.
The album starts off with an intro that leads directly into their first single, “No Way Out”, which is a fast, strong, attention grabber. With the first couple songs being fast-paced it slows down a bit with a steady, heavy feel in “Worthless”, which is one of my favorites on the new album. The title track, “Venom” is also one of the best and is a bit slower than the majority of the songs, but it still delivers a heavy, hair-raising feel that you’ll get throughout the whole album. They end it with “Pariah”, which goes back to the fast-paced sound of quick palm muted strums and awesome solos on the guitar, fast and intense drum patterns and fills, and a great mix of clean vocals and powerful screams.

         Listening to the entire album, it really feels like one complete work, not just a bunch of songs, and that doesn’t happen all the time. As someone who listens closely I can see how much hard work and time went into making this, but even to a simple fan who just likes the music, it’s clear how well made this album is. I definitely recommend getting this ASAP, this new album is incredible!

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