Album Review: Bermuda ‘Nepenthe’

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We bring you a review of the record ‘Nepenthe’ coming out this Friday by Bermuda. The band hails from California and is signed to Urban Yeti Records who are also releasing this record. All I’m going to say is get ready because this record will leave you out of your seats wishing you had LifeAlert.

Calm Before The Storm

The album opens up with nice calm intro track putting you in a calming state of relaxation before punching you in the tech driven song ‘Gnashing Teeth’. This song delivers brutality and technicality that you would be hard pressed to find in other bands. Emmure and Glass Cloud are the bands of late who have blended this well, which comes from the brain of Joshua Travis. ‘Survivor’s Cult’ is the third track on the record that possesses a bit of a groove leading the way. This groove stays most of the way allowing the vocals to soar and make their presence known throughout the song. The climax of the song finds a bit of a mini breakdown before going back into the main groove and melody.

Getting Beefy

Tons of albums have their chunk or beef of the album in the 4th through 7th songs. Bands either hit or miss with this section of albums leading to the term ‘filler’ where it can take a dive. This however is not the case as we see the introduction of clean singing in the track ‘The Adversary’ which is unexpected and keeps the listener interested. The next song keeps the form of most of the record while closing out with the heaviest breakdown up to this point. As the kids say these days, it’s thicc. Like VERY thicc. ‘Oblivious Oblivion’ is the 6th song on the record which brings us back to a clam state, I mean after that last song we needed a moment to pause and collect ourselves. This song is an interlude more or less, lending to some atmosphere in the chaos we have experienced.

Invoking Some Filth

‘Nepenthe’ is the 7th track on the record and like the second song, it comes back to hit you in the mouth after the calmness. This track also features Dustin Mitchell of Invoker and Filth, both who have released EP’s this year, Filth’s ‘God Has A Plan’ and Invokers ‘Resist’. Mitchell’s brutal vocals mixed with Corey Bennett, Bermuda’s frontman, is an eargasm of pure heaviness I don’t think anyone is ready for.

Last But Not Least

The final tracks close up the record in a very fitting way. Not losing any momentum or heaviness minus the final track, they leave the listener satisfied and content. Everything before this point just got piled up and was released in the closing songs. The final song opens with a sampled speaking section before the most singing on the record is heard, easing one out of the heaviness they just took in for 7 rounds.

All in all Bermuda’s ‘Nepenthe’ is everything one would want in a record that combines the elements of technicality with brutality with some melody sprinkled on top. The one drawback is that the cleans were so fitting in the tracks that had them, I personally would’ve loved to have experienced more. This is a solid release from a solid band and would certainly recommend you to pick it up this Friday!

Rating: 7/10

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