Album Review Adelitas Way Getaway

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     Adelitas Way has a flair for consistency, providing fans with exactly what they expect when they pick up an album- fast paced energy, tight yearning vocals, and a drum beat that hooks you and drags you along for the ride. New release Getaway is no different, and is a real treat for any fan old or new. Perhaps a bit edgier than earlier albums, flirting with the stylings of modern Southern Rock, it delivers on an unspoken promise and leaves you hungry for a bit of destruction.
The album opens on Bad Reputation, released as a single late last year and already garnering acclaim, with a deep crunch and a lot of attitude. DeJesus croons low on the song, proud of the fact that he can be so bad. Bad is a good sound for him, and if the new single is a taste of what’s to come, the band can only be on the up and up.
The dangerous feeling carries through the record, even when it slows down. There isn’t really a proper ballad on the album but a couple of tracks come close. The entire thing sort of feels like riding down an empty stretch of highway on a motorcycle with no helmet or jacket. It speeds away from you out of control, and you have to hold on to the handlebars or risk getting left behind. It gets your adrenaline pumping and is a hell of a way to waste an afternoon.
It’s impossible to pick a favorite song, but title track Get Away is a standout example of what exactly this band can do, providing precisely the sort of energy and edge that carries the album forward, complete with the cheek and attitude that permeates the record. Other highlights include a surprise guitar solo which goes on for almost an entire minute of a four minute and forty-eight second track- another song that drips with cocky aggression.
     In summation, the new album leaves you feeling angry, but in a good way- with the energy to wreck stuff and look good doing it. Getaway is truly rock and roll at its finest.



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