Adelitas Way rocks Charlotte, NC night one of SnoCore tour

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Adelitas wayAdelitas Way
Amos Southend Charlotte NC
(Sno-Core Day 1)
By: Joshua Lowe

             I remember several years ago when I first caught Adelitas Way on the waves of my local radio station with their single “ Invincible” and thinking these guys have something most “Mainstream” bands don’t have. There was just something about the band that just wasn’t so cookie cutter, like all the other music that was coming out at that time.  So fast forward to February 3, 2015 to Amo’s Southend in Charlotte North Carolina, night 1 of the Snocore tour, I finally was able to pin point what it was about the band that caught my ear so many years ago, It was the passion that the band put into their music. Yes, DeJesus and his band are very talented musicians, but there are just some bands that you can just tell love every second of what they’re doing and Adelitas Way is one of those bands.
The band took the stage and kicked off their set with “Cage The Beast” off their 2011 release, “Home School Valedictorian”.  From the moment the lights went down and the band hit their first note that passion overflowed on the stage.  DeJesus and his stage presents is something to be seen. From swinging the microphone and belting every note, to using every inch of the stage to give the concertgoers the show they paid for.  The band wrapped up their 9 song set with Fan favorites;  “Criticize”,  “Sick” and my personal favorite “Invincible”.  It is safe to say thought he crowd response was get, the band left them wanting more and set the stage for co-headliner Flyleaf. Snocore is no where near being finished with several dates still to come, so if it’s coming to your city make it out, you will not be disappointed. If Snocore has already come to your city, don’t worry the band has new music on the way. The band has a new record coming out, March 17th entitled “Deserve This”, which you can pledge to here (Click Here to donate)
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