Acceptance Opens Up About Reuniting And “Colliding By Design”

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After 10 plus years of being on hiatus, the band Acceptance returned to record and release their new record “Colliding By Design”. We discussed many things with the band ranging from the record, touring, being with Rise, and the impact Anberlin’s breakup had on the reuniting of Acceptance.

Soundlink Magazine: After years of being on hiatus, why now was it decided to come back?

Acceptance: I think timing was a major factor in the band deciding to get back together.  I had joined Anberlin in the years following the breakup of Acceptance and it wasn’t until Anberlin had ended that I personally would have the time for something like this. It just so happened that I received and offer for Acceptance to play Skate and Surf festival, via Anberlin’s manager, for the following year after Anberlin had ended. This show offer gave us a very tangible talking point for seriously discussing a reunion of sorts.  That reunion has grown into a full fledged reformation

 Soundlink Magazine: This band has ties to Anberlin, did Anberlin ending free up some time to get Acceptance going again?

Acceptance: For me personally it absolutely did.  I think my touring with Anberlin helped us realize what an impact Acceptance had made in the years following our breakup.  I endlessly met fans and other bands alike that wanted to talk to me about Acceptance.  I remember calling some of the Acceptance guys and saying “I think we’ve gotten a lot bigger since we broke up”.  We’d talk about possibly playing some shows or writing some songs, but I wasn’t truly able to commit to anything like that until after Anberlin had ended.  

Soundlink Magazine: Rise Records signed you guys, were there any other offers, why Rise, and how has it been with them so far?

Acceptance: We didn’t really have a lot of answers when we began recording Colliding by Design.  We didn’t know if we would self release, or shop it around.  We initially started the recording process by self funding the record.  We basically took all profits from any shows we were playing and put them toward recording costs. When that money ran out we decided to do a pre-order crowd-fund, through Pledge music, to help us finish the record.  I think over time we realized that self releasing the record was going to be much more work than any of us had the time for so we began shopping around what we had finished.  I think we were talking to a few different labels, but Rise definitely showed the most excitement and interest. I think a good life policy is to do business with people that realize your value and worth. Rise has been totally killing it in my opinion.  

Soundlink Magazine: How’s the vibe been getting back together writing and recording new material? Has it changed from the earlier days?

Acceptance: The vibe has been amazing.  This whole thing has just been so much more than I think any of us could ever imagine.  I’d say the band operates at a much healthier level at this point.  We’re all grown men as opposed to young, totally opinionated, yet completely naive boys.  I think we’ve all gotten much wiser and better at our craft, so that makes things much easier these days, not perfect, but easier.  

Soundlink Magazine: “Colliding By Design” came out Feb 24th via Rise, what can you tell us about the title of the record and some of the themes or content found on here?

Acceptance: The title “Colliding By Design” is a reference to what I was talking about earlier, the kinda of uncanny timing of everything.  You have to realize that some of us hadn’t even talked in 10 years, others almost 14, so the outcome of us reconnecting was really anyones guess.  To go from that kind of uncertainty to rekindling old friendships an rediscovering passions kind of felt like divine intervention, destiny, kismet.  The album deals a lot with life and relationships, experienced and observed.  

Soundlink Magazine: What were some things you guys pushed yourselves to do that you may haven’t before?

Acceptance: We were very intentional about every track of every song.  We never allowed ourselves to get lazy or to do what came easiest.  We wouldn’t limit ourselves but we tried to force ourselves to be creative and think outside of our usual palette.  If our go-to was to palm mute a power chord we would try other things first until we found something more interesting or realized that palm muting a power chord was the right thing to do for that specific part.  We were less concerned about fitting into our old shoes as we were about weaving some damn golden moccasins.

 Soundlink Magazine: What expectations were made for “Colliding By Design”?

Acceptance: I don’t really know that we made any expectations for “C/D”.  We’re honestly just enjoying the ride.  Our hope is that this record will allow us to continue to get in front of old fans, people who discovered us after we broke up, and people who may just be hearing us for the first time today.  That is the most important aspect of this business, and its the most taken for granted in my opinion.  Without fans there are no bands

Soundlink Magazine:  Any last words to the fans?

Acceptance: I know I speak for all the Acceptance dudes when I say that this whole thing is happening because the fans still cared and we can’t thank you all enough for supporting us, even after we were gone.  This record wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for those of you who pre-ordered through Pledge and through Rise.  This record is as much yours as it is ours and we hope you enjoy listening to it as we enjoyed making it.  

The record is out now as stated via Rise Records.


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