A Lot Like Birds call it quits

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It’s never a good thing to see a band decide to end, especially one which contained so many artists that really honed their instruments. A Lot Like Birds was a progressive post-hardcore band based out of Sacramento. Initially, their band consisted of a plethora of different instruments(saxophone, violin, drum machine) along with the standard 2 guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. Just as all bands do, that evolved into something much smaller yet greater at the same time. My first encounter with the band was their album Conversation Piece, which is still incredible to this day. I was a senior in high school, still maturing and growing, so the songs on that particular album hold a special place in my heart.

Around that same time, the band announced that they’d be releasing a concept album titled No Place. This album truly brought the band to a different level of artistry. The concept of the album is essentially each room of the house representing different functions, the first song “In Trances” features the well-known doorbell ring that many heard growing up. Quickly it dives into a funky yet chaotic beat. As a whole, the album is similar to Conversation Piece yet stands out in that the concept really moves the album from one song to another.

Through different member changes, their bassist left and within a few years Kurt Travis left the band as well. Their 3rd full length titled Divisi, while a great departure from their more chaotic sound, didn’t really hit me like their previous albums. As a whole it’s a great album, yet it never grew on me like their previous material. Maybe I just missed the screaming, but I can’t deny that there was some true musicianship going on.

However, as of today(February 17th, 2018), the band has decided to call it quits. No particular reason was given, but after 9 years as a band, it is truly sad to see them go. You can read their statement down below



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