’68 Help say goodbye to Anberlin

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House of Blues Orlando
By Haley Staack

Do you ever like to just listen to raw music? What about music with good feels?  That’s exactly what ’68 delivers when they play a live set; raw, good feel sounds.
Vibe: A tight packed room, an anxious crowd,  so much anticipation for the finale show of Anberlin.
‘ 68 had been personally asked by Anberlin to open for their finale show. They later let the crowd know that couldn’t turn down the offer.
The curtains open and gasps are heard. Two young men come on the stage, one holding a guitar,  and the other sitting at the drum set. If anyone knew of the band The Chariot,  they immediately recognized the guitarist/vocalist,  former frontman of The Chariot, Josh Scogin. His band mate and drummer is Michael McClellan.
The music starts and ’68 suddenly captivated the whole audience. Even if you aren’t a fan of post-hardcore music,  you couldn’t help but like’ 68 and their stage charm. The two were completely enjoying their time,  and you couldn’t help but fall for Josh’s sense of humor. The two had so much energy and pulled you in, wanting more of their music. It was like one big jam session, full of stomping, slamming,  and thrashing!
’68 currently has their album “In Humor And Sadness” out, released in July 2014. Be sure to catch them on Warped Tour this summer, and see them live for yourself!

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