10 Southeast Bands You Need To Be Listening To Right Now!

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Every scene has their local heroes. Unfortunately for those heroes, they never reach the next level of seriously touring being signed to a label (despite that not always being the best thing to do). Many bands can succeed and gain a following without a label, so it’s not needed. Anyway, being Southeast Pit Report, decided to cook up a list of bands from the South Carolina/North Carolina area of the country who could be your favorite band one day. These bands have the talent, resume, and quality recordings of becoming something big. So here are 10 southeast bands you MUST check out!

end-the-empire10. End The Empire
     A very road heavy band. You want them to play? They’ll hit the road and bring the party. The Kevin Newland (the word alive, myka relocate) produced EP is a crisp clean recording that pars on those from their bigger peers along with great management. Wrapping up a few tours in 2016 and playing locally with bigger acts gives them a possession of hustle labels want. DIY anyone?

remembrance 9. Remembrance
    Not a band known to tour much, but when it comes to every other aspect, they nail it. Walking into one of their sets you’d swear they were a well known touring act based on crowd response. Huge pits, stage dives, crowd surfing, hand picked by Capsize to play a show, people grabbing the mic, wait..hand picked? You read it right! Even touring bands want this band opening! Their “Dirty Hands” EP is raw sounding but great quality. When it comes to melodic hardcore, I personally have them above bands such as Counterparts. Quality music, shows, merch, and following has them ready for that extra boost of a label to send them nationwide. (Looking at you PureNoise and InVogue)

Exiles8: Exiles
     This band defines DIY. I personally haven’t seen the hustle these guys do on their own on a local level in a bit. Booking their own tours across the coast and playing with huge acts (Born of Osiris/After The Burial/The Word Alive/Volumes) gives them a resume of not only road miles but professional association as well among these bands. They dropped their debut EP this year which was highly anticipated by the local area, and boy is it a banger! They are also one of those smaller bands who give off professional sound with clean and techy guitars along with the effective 808 drops. It’s like a rod cast out waiting for Epitaph or Rise to take the bait.

valleys-band7. Valleys

This band might as well be a signed band. Great management, road miles, cold cock endorsement, name sake mentioned on Alternative Press, conceptual and well written full length, and a talented roster. Despite the sad and tragic passing of ½ of the frontmen, they have carried on with one frontman pulling double duty. Recovering from a loss of a band mate and brother can cause a career to end for many bands, but these guys have pushed through and haven’t stopped. When you have bands/people like Jonny Craig/Conquer Divide/among others knowing who you are, I’d say you’ve done something right.

 img_36761 6: Jynzo
These guys are a Sumerian cash cow waiting to be picked up. Very few bands have been able to blow the bigger acts off the stage with everything from skill, live shows, and crowd response. It’s as if you’re watching Architects or Northlane in their early days right before world domination, and I say that with full knowledge of who I’m comparing them to. Also not many small bands can pull off their own lighting rig….Not to mention a brief moment of beef with It Lives, It Breathes. I guess you made it when you are in FB wars with another band.



img_367715: Ghosts Again
2006 take me back! All you have to do to enjoy that sweet nostalgia is to listen to these guys in the present. The Used/Underoath/Saosin/Mayday Parade-esque vocals vibes are concocted into their amazing sound. In fact, one of the only local bands ever to make one of my yearly top track playlist are these guys. Arun Bose is also by far one of the best drummers on the east coast of ANY genre and he’s under the age of 21. Watch out Luke Holland! Their EP is professionally done and once again great management by giving the reigns to High Road Publicity to promote it. For those who don’t know, bands like Adelita’s Way, From Ashes To New are a couple of names who the company has represented in the recent year.

eyes-eat-suns4. Eyes Eat Suns
I HATE to be that guy who compares a female rock act to Paramore, but you can’t help it. Like Ghosts Again, this band boasts a mid 00’s style that Paramore got known for. The twist? Vocalist Ayisa Adderley, to me, sounds a bit better than Hayley Williams. Williams has more of a throaty, power vocal style while Adderley can project well, the quiet, upper range moments standout. Throw on regional tours, warped tour stint, an unprovoked shout out by Bradley of Emarosa via twitter, and shows with state champs puts these guys right there for Fueled By Ramen to pick up.

img_367813. Messenger Down
Garrett Foster is a composer. Despite the moniker being a band, it is literally one guy, and this one guy has the talent of a whole band. Writing guitar/drums/samples/lyrics in every song is quite impressive and something a label may look highly at. Someone who can write their own shit. Throw in the modern pop-rock flavor (Walk the Moon/Pvris/the 1975/Panice At The Disco) and you have something that sounds like it should be next level. MD has played with bands like State Champs (Mr. Derek even purchased a record himself), warped tour multiple times, thousands of people in a fb fan club, and you have someone doing big things without the big bucks behind it. Imagine if he did though…

img_367512. Never I
This band gets the best live show award. Not because the others are subpar, but because this band risks life and limb. Every show, each member is inches away from getting knocked out by a guitar neck due to their chaotic energy. Fans of Norma Jean/The Chariot/Underoath will be in love the moment the first song starts. They have a few tours logged under their belt with many big things planned for 2017. Notable acts of playing with include Ice Nine Kills/To Speak Of Wolves/Oh Sleeper/Invent Animate. Solid State, we are waiting for you to pick these guys up any moment now….

Filth Band group shot1. Filth
It was hard putting this band down because they are already, to me, classified as a national act. Regularly touring and playing coast to coast as well as south by so what?! show cases puts them in a league of their own when it comes to local acts in this area. “Come back to Texas!” “Missed ya’ll in Cali dudes!” are regular comments on their facebook page. Their upcoming EP is a monster of a record with guest vocal features from names that cannot be revealed at this time….and these guests basically offered. These guys have road logged more than anyone and their live show is that of pure evil. If it’s any band getting on the big labels around here anytime soon, it’ll be none other than Filth.

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