Top 10 Music Documentaries

music documetaries

It’s one thing to hear a record by a great band. It’s another to see them live on stage playing songs that have meant so much to you. It is on another level though when you get to go behind the scenes and see their everyday lives and issues that arise. Being a rockstar is awesome but it is not rainbows and butterflies. Our contributor Scott Waldman gives 10 of the best music documentaries!

Top 10 music documentaries:

10. “The Defiant Ones” – A new-y but a goodie

9. “A Fat Wreck” – One of the coolest labels in the biz…

8. “Sound City” – Dave Grohl explores a studio that changed the record industry.

7. “Oasis: Supersonic” – Get inside the beginnings of one of the biggest/most dramatic bands of the 90s..

6. “George Harrison: Living In The Material World” – It’s no secret that I LOVE The Beatles… Watch the documentary that MARTIN (fucking) SCORSESE filmed and learn about the coolest of The Fab Four!

5. “Some Kind Of Monster” – Metallica bares ALL.

4. “FILMAGE: The Story Of The Descendents/ALL” – Speaking of ALL: Punk. Rock. In. LA. Part. Un.

3. “The Decline Of Western Civilization” – Punk. Rock. In. LA. Part. Deux.
” – Sometimes the managers are the true stars

1. The Beatles Anthology – If you have the time, it’s worth it. If you don’t have the time, make the time.


Author: Trenton Worsham

Since 2014, Trenton has been a journalist for Soundlink Magazine. He specializes in interviewing bands for both video and podcasting formats while writing various pieces. As of 2017, he also works with record label We Are Triumphant

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