Soundlink Magazine Summer Compilation Vol 2

Soundlink Magazine Summer Sampler is OUT now. Download this FREE 26 track album below that features bands from all over the USA. Download it now and swing by all the band’s social media accounts and connect with them.


1: The Funeral Portrait: Like Father Like Son
2: Never I: Hopelessness in Hoping For The Best
3: Awake At Last: Purgatorium
4: Eyes Eat Suns: Priceless Faces
5: My Brother’s Keeper: Dreams Feel Real While We’re In Them
6: Softspoken: I Feel Fire FT: Rory of Dayseeker
7: Outer Glow: 12 Steps
8: Harm: Until Nothing Matters
9: Picturesque: Becoming Closer To Closure (Of Machines Cover)
10: Reason Define: Kingdom
11: Lakeshore: Future
12: AuxillA: Absent From Concern
13: Messenger Down: I’d Hate To Put Words In Your Head, Lend Me Your Ears Instead (Here To Stay)
14: Chin Up Kid: Swing With Your Eyes Closed
15: Deadland: Dismal
16: Hollow Bodies: Divide
17: Inertia: Guilty Crown
18: Stellar Circuits: Midnight Mission
19: Sun and Flesh: I Don’t Care
20: Kiss The Curse: Spare Me
21: End The Empire: Somewhere Between Ohio & Home
22: Eyes Of Another: Treat You Better (Shawn Mendes Cover)
23: Blackwater Drowning: Liar Inside
24: Cathedral Hills: I Had My Doubts
25: Something Clever: Season Of Light
26: It Lives, It Breathes: Elevated (Bonus Track)