Thousand Below

    REVIEW: Thousand Below’s ‘The Love You Let Too Close’

    Thousand Below Releases ‘The Love You Let Too Close’

    One of the most highly anticipated records of the year has been out for a little over a week and we have taken this fully in. Thousand Below announced their signing to Rise Records back in January of this year and since then we have been waiting for their debut ‘The Love You Let Too Close’.

    Read below about the band and their new record which came out October 6th. This is one of those bands you DO NOT want to sleep on!

    New Name, Familiar Faces

    The cool thing about Thousand Below is that though the name is new, some of the members have been in the scene for a bit. The band comes from the ashes of Tragic Hero Records’ former outfit Outlands. That band released a record back in 2015 and the changes and growth between projects is night and day!

    2008 Called And It Can Stay As Long As It Wants

    ‘The Love You Let Too Close’ resembles the stylings of the late 00s we all fell in love with. The fast pacing guitars with melodic undertones moving underneath the riffs and screaming/singing trade offs are signature all over this record. One of the highlights is the singing because it is not the stylings of a singer-singer, if that makes sense. It is more so a smooth hook and melody being carried. Think ‘They’re Only Chasing Safety’ Underoath, rather than a vibrato style showcasing vocal skills, such as band like Issues. However, don’t think there isn’t any power here.

    Much like the good ol’ days, the emotion and contrasts between the heavier sides and softer sides pull apart and have their own place, not competing with one another. For someone who loves some edge and heaviness, yet some softer sides in one album, this record is PERFECT for you. I will say, they didn’t do a good job of hiding the ‘Decode’ by Paramore riff in ‘Carry The Weight’.

    Not A One Trick Pony

    Don’t expect this to be a band that releases a great debut then just sputters out. They have the poise needed to keep this going for many, many years. I mean they’re already out on the road with The Devil Wears Prada, Veil Of Maya, and Silent Planet! Not bad for being the new kid in school.

    Top Tracks:

    Sinking Me
    Never Here
    Carry The Weight
    The Love You Let Too Close
    Follow M….Okay, it’s obvious I’m writing the entire tracklist. It’s THAT good…

    I give this album a 9/10 and will certainly be in the running for one of the top slots, if not the actual top 10, then for sure in the up and comer charts.

    Pick the record up here:


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