REVIEW: Castaway release the emotionally driven “Duality Of Love”

I did an article on Castaway sometime around July when they released their music video for the track Falling In My Sleep. Since then they embarked on a tour which was filled with what looked like plenty of highs and lows. Last Friday, August 25th, they released the 5-song EP they call “Duality Of Love”, which to me is an emotional rollercoaster that never stops. Not in any kind of bad way, it still stays heavy while bringing about a poetic like vocal style from their screamer Nick.

The EP starts off with the track Agony, which slowly transcends from guitar feedback into a powerful section of drums, bass, and vocals. This is probably one of my favorite tracks just because of the message it gives, and how all of the instruments blend together. I’m a sucker for quality feedback in a song and this delivers it, along with a lot of impressive instrumentation from all the band members. Also to note, this is one of the few songs with no clean vocals on it, which adds even more to why I love it as an opener to the EP.

Loveless and Falling In My Sleep are also some great tracks, both contributing some clean vocals that bring a refreshing sound from the constant heaviness. I would love to really hear the vocals shine a bit more, they seem to be hidden behind everything else that is going on. Their take on a refined hardcore sound is amazing though, and they seem to pull it off incredibly well. I haven’t had to hear them live yet but from the sound of the EP so far I’d say it translates really well to what their live sound probably is.

Final 2 songs of the EP are also really well done, just wish the clean vocals on Pale White during the beginning were really at the forefront. That’s honestly just my opinion though, I can understand the reasoning behind having them not be straight up in your face like the screams are. The final track This Is Everything is probably my favorite track of the entire EP because it never really stops from hitting you with power. It honestly gives me some Underoath vibes when the vocals come in, or at least a vocal melody that Aaron might do. While I can’t decipher everything their screamer Nick says, the message that does come through is very powerful. The final lyrics are what ultimately made me love this band even more:

A reign of terror, a nation entranced 
I’m afraid of the world, I’m afraid of myself 
We shield our eyes with crimson hands 
I’m afraid of the world, I’m afraid of myself



You can find all of their music on spotify, bandcamp, iTunes, etc.

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Author: Ben Schlotthauer

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