PREMIERE: Find Yourself release new single ft. Kurt Travis

    Find Yourself promo picture taken by Renee Lopez(@Blacksheepimaging)


    Conjured Conjecture features Kurt Travis(ex-Dance Gavin Dance & A Lot Like Birds), the single is full of talent. Both instrumentally and vocally, the single continually keeps you on your toes and unaware of where the next destination is.

    In the last year since they released Intimacy the band has been hard at work gaining a following in their local area. Around June of last year, I saw them open up for Kurt Travis and Andrés in Sacramento which solidified them as someone to keep an eye on in the next few years. While it takes a minute for the song to really start, every second of what came after was both enjoyable and unpredictable. It’s not often that you hear so much soul and groove out of a group, especially around the middle of the song which is perhaps my favorite section.

    Artwork for Conjured Conjecture

    In a brief conversation with their manager Chad Engelage, I found out that the instrumental part of the song was written before Kurt wrote vocals for it. It almost seems as though it was meant to be as the parts mesh together in a manner where the two become inseparable. Rest assured, there was plenty of head-bobbing taking place as I jammed out to the single in my car(i.e the car test). Unlike many progressive instrumental songs, it never exhibits any noodling or reaches to an excessive length of time. Ultimately the song is always changing up, exhibiting different influences, whether they be more of the funk or mathrock variety.

    Up until this point the band posted on their various social media platforms stating that a release was due. Today we’d like to introduce their newest single Conjured Conjecture

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    • Born & Raised in Northern California Attending Chico State for BA in Music Industry & Tech Bassist of Chico Feet

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