NEW INTERVIEW: Fearless Records’ Varials


We got to hit up the hottest new band on the Fearless Records roster recently on their tour with another Fearless Records band Wage War. It was their headliner for their new record ‘Deadweight’ and Varials was on the bill as an opening act. They definitely brought the heat on stage despite it being the last show of that tour, it was the best as the crowd was everywhere from the pit to jumping off the stage.

Pain Again’s Snare Tone

Before the show, we sat down with frontman Travis Tabron to discuss the new record ‘Pain Again’. We particularly touched on something that stood out to me, the snare tone. I’m not a drummer, but Varials nailed it when it came to that sound.

Signing A Heavy Band To A ‘Mainstream’ Label

Another thing we touched on was them being such a heavy band, who is more associated with hardcore than metalcore, being on a label like Fearless where bands such as Wage War, Volumes, and August Burns Red reign supreme. The story of it is interesting and we even get into why bands such as Varials and Knocked Loose are finding MAJOR success as of late.

#MetalcoreMoney/Taylor Swift

If anyone follows the band on social media you can see the hashtag #metalcoremoney. We asked Travis about that in which he gave us the scoop on how it came to be. That was also the first show in which Fearless sent them fake money with his face on it to shoot out into the crowd via a UNO card shooter.

As always we closed with a fun question about Taylor Swift. Though he isn’t a fan of the stupid questions, he entertained this one which you have to watch to see his answer. He also has a almost direct association with her, find out how by watching!


Author: Trenton Worsham

Since 2014, Trenton has been a journalist for Soundlink Magazine. He specializes in interviewing bands for both video and podcasting formats while writing various pieces. As of 2017, he also works with record label We Are Triumphant

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