INTERVIEW: Chase Atlantic

    Chase Atlantic

    Not many bands can say they hit the jackpot on their first major US tour. For Chase Atlantic, this was it for them with Sleeping With Sirens. They were an opening act for the Gossip tour which happened earlier this fall. Chase Atlantic hail from Australia but have been grinding it out here in the states the last couple of years getting their sound just right.

    The Debut

    On October 6th, they dropped their debut record which is a self titled release. The record was not out yet at the time of the interview but going and listening to it, all we can say is WOW! Every element from this style of band you can ever want was in it. The moody beats, the spacey vocals, and even saxophone solos. Though not hearing this at this time, we spoke about their plethora of sounds and influences used on this record which I am come to describe as The Weekend and The Neighborhood having a baby. This is one band you do not want to sleep on, they will be the next big thing in matter of no time! Watch the interview below:

    Chase Atlantic is also doing a small run of shows this month. Peep them below and see if you can catch one! Trust us, you do not want to miss one!

    Chase Atlantic Tour Dates:

    NOV08 The Middle East
    Wednesday, 7:00PM
    Cambridge, MA

    NOV12 Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2
    Sunday, 8:30PM

    New York, NY

    NOV13 The Voltage Lounge
    Monday, 7:00PM

    Philadelphia, PA

    NOV15 Beat Kitchen
    Wednesday, 7:00PM

    Chicago, IL

    NOV18 Kilby Court
    Saturday, 7:00PM

    Salt Lake City, UT

    NOV 20 The Crocodile
    Monday, 7:00PM

    Seattle, WA

    NOV21 Peter’s Room
    Tuesday, 8:00PM

    Portland, OR

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