The Burden + Stasis Are Two Canadian Bands You Need To Know RIGHT NOW!

    One of the coolest things about music is that it is universal. It transcends language, religion, race, and borders. Finding a band outside of our home country of the USA that is even under the radar of it’s native land is also a treat and special moment and that happened this week. While going through Facebook, a sponsored post by The Burden came up and randomly hit play. I was blown away, then through them I found another band called Stasis which blew me away once again. Just listening to both bands had me checking the year of release because I felt like I was back in 2009 again.

    The Burden

    The Burden hail from Prince George, British Columbia and formed in 2013. They went through quite a few lineup changes until 2016 which became Jake Olexyn (vocals), Rob Bacon (guitar), Devin Vassallo (Drums), and Ross Vanosch (bass) who would all be featured on their record “Modern Disease”. That is the record currently out, though on their Facebook they are teasing some new material. The band cites acts such as Underoath, Every Time I Die, Emery, and Silverstein. Those influences can be heard and will transport you back to the era those bands thrived. Stream their record below and stay up to date on their new music:


    Much like The Burden, Stasis hails from British Columbia as well. While this band offers a style of melodic hardcore, it doesn’t stray away from the old school sound from the late 00s. The band got going in 2015 and consists of Callum Reed on vocals, Michael Williams and Tyson Surgenor on guiatar, Taran Harsch on drums. Though the photo implies there is a bassist, the lineup according to Facebook has tba by that slot. (Bands, update you socials always please! Helps with things like this!) 

    Stasis released “No Hope For Now” this year and completely takes you over. The vocals are more of a higher scream which is unique for current melodic hardcore, but fits in with the older styles we all love. ‘Drift’ is by far my favorite song as it includes elements from the older days of metalcore with the panic chords and chaotic elements. This is probably one of the most melodic yet heavy records of the year by ANY band. They cite Hundredth, Counterparts, Capsize, and Heart In Hand as influences. Stream this record below:



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